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BOTTA EcoPackaging Launches iǪRcode™: The Intelligent Solution for EU Environmental Labeling and Beyond

BOTTA EcoPackaging, an Italian sustainable packaging leader, launches iǪRcode™, an intelligent QR code simplifying European Union (EU) environmental labeling and boosting brand communication. iǪRcode™ tackles the growing complexities of EU regulations, ensuring compliance and consumer transparency across the region. Here’s how:

1. Harmonizing EU Environmental Labeling Directives:

iǪRcode™ integrates current and divergent directives for products sold in different EU countries, starting with Italy and France. As regulations evolve or new countries join, iǪRcode™ automatically updates all relevant SKUs with compliant labelling in the respective languages. This real-time adaptation mitigates the risk of non-compliant products entering the market or being removed due to incorrect labelling, thereby minimizing waste.

2. Embracing Digital Product Passport (DPP):

iǪRcode™ allows for the seamless incorporation of information required for the DPP, aligning with the European Sustainable Product Policy, and facilitating the transition towards a more sustainable and transparent supply chain.

3. Transitioning to 2D Barcodes:

Recognizing the shift towards 2D Barcodes by GS1 and major global retailers, iǪRcode™ is equipped with this functionality. It can be scanned at checkout, replacing traditional Barcodes, ensuring readiness for the impending industry-wide transition.

By combining environmental labels, sustainability details, product tracking information, and the traditional barcode all into a single iǪRcode™, this innovative tool optimizes on-pack space. This ensures compliance while freeing up valuable room for essential marketing and branding messages – a critical advantage for brands struggling with shrinking space on their products.

iǪRcode™ represents a paradigm shift in environmental labelling and brand communication,” says Lara Botta, Vice President at BOTTA EcoPackaging. “By simplifying compliance and empowering brands to connect with consumers on a deeper level, iǪRcode™ is the intelligent solution for a sustainable future.”

Experience iQRcode™ firsthand and explore what the platform looks like here. For more information about iǪRcode™ and its transformative impact on packaging compliance and transparency, visit https://www.botta.it/en/iqrcode/

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