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Flexo Wash Introduces New Plate Washer: The PW 62

Flexo Wash recently introduced the latest addition to its family of plate washers: The PW 62.

Eaglewood Technology Adds Team Member

Eaglewood Technologies recently announced it has added Matthew Sweet to the team of anilox cleaning experts.

Polymag Tek & Static Clean Form Alliance

The two companies will distribute each other’s products in North America, providing a suite of cleaning and static elimination solutions

Jemmco Announces Web Cleaner

With a pre-sheeted adhesive roll, web cleaner is said to remove loose dirt and contaminants from a moving web

Teknek to Present Research at AIMCAL Conference

Company’s latest web cleaning findings will be presented in “Substrate Cleaning in a High Vacuum Environment”

NRD Ionizing Gun Suited for Clean Rooms

Model P-2021-5942 gun uses company’s Alpha Ionizing technology to remove static, dust, and other contaminants

Teknek Expands Presence in Asia

New personnel and new facilities are aimed at taking advantage of growth opportunities

Meech System Cleans Web with No Contact

The CyClean noncontact web cleaning system from Meech is said to provide integrated static control and long-lasting cleaning

Meech Intl. Offers Web Cleaner

The TakClean web cleaner from Meech features contact cleaning and perforated adhesive rollers to clean particles as small as 0.5 microns

ITW Buys Teknek

GLENVIEW, ILLINOIS | Illinois Tool Works (ITW) has acquired Glasgow, Scotland-based Teknek, a manufacturer of contact sheet and web cleaning solutions

Remove Small Particles

Nanocleen technology, able to remove small particles (down to 25 nm), has a roller with static-dissipating qualities. Once the contamination is removed,

Efficient Cleaning

The Narrow Web Clean Machine (NWP) uses elastomer contact cleaning rollers and pre-sheeted adhesive rolls to clean a moving web at speeds to 250 mpm.

Teknek Plans Major Expansion in Asia-Pacific

Teknek, a global leader in contact cleaning and yield improvement technology, has announced major expansion and reorganization of its operations throughout Asia

Teknek Features Nanoclean Technology at ICE USA

Teknek's Nanocleen technology (booth # 1315) is featured at the debut of ICE USA, held April 6--8 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando

Tape Saves Money

Sheeted adhesive tape is said to provide more sheets per roll in addition to a lower price. Designed to be used in company's equipment as well as any

Web Cleaning: To Contact or Not?

The need for companies to improve productivity without investing in complete new lines or equipment has resulted in an increasing interest in technologies

Cleaning Machines Easy To Use

SL and MWC low-profile cleaning range for the narrow web industry is said to offer a wide range of lower-cost integration options. Available widths range

Web Cleaner Is Compact

The TCH compact, entry-level web cleaning machine is designed for a wide range of single-sided applications from 200-1,500 mm and is clean room compatible.

Clean Webs with Easy Access

The XWCH machine for wide web cleaning to 2,500 mm is designed to fit a wide range of lines even where space is at a premium. A patented slide system

Remove Contaminants

Web and sheet cleaners are designed to remove particulate contamination such as slitting dust, converting debris, and other byproducts from a wide range

Clean Rolls Simply

Process Roll Cleaner mounts on a machine frame to clean the designated process roll. Company says condensate or oligomer removal is accomplished simply

Teknek Reveals Major Expansion

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND | Teknek plans to open a US facility in Charlotte, NC, this year to house sales and service as well as a North American fulfillment

Contamination Combat

In the current economic climate, converters are under pressure to increase efficiency, cut costs, and eliminate waste. How can this be achieved without compromising quality standards? One key area that should receive close attention is how contamination and static can be removed from the production process.

Polymag Tek Inc Receives CE Certification and Enters the European Market

Polymag Tek, designer and manufacturer of contact web cleaning equipment, has received CE certification for its Narrow Web Cleaner (NWC) family of products.

Spot Less

There are several web cleaning technologies available for various converting applications, including static elimination, simple vacuum, multimodal, contact

Keeping it Clean

Today's cleaning equipment requires a slightly higher degree of sophistication. "The days of the two-by-four cleaner are gone," Cannon notes. He adds the converter now has a number of alternative web cleaning solutions including air systems (suck, blow, or a combination of both), ultrasonic systems, and contact cleaners.

Teknek Offering Web Guiding and Cleaning... All in One

INCHINNAN, SCOTLAND, U.K. The Web Guide Clean Machine (WGCM) enables printers to clean and guide their webs simultaneously. Co. says cleaning and guiding

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