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Why Web Cleaning?

Some facts about web cleaning that can make all the difference to your production.

To understand the benefits of a web cleaning system for your specific process, a little knowledge of the problem can be helpful. Contamination of a moving web can be caused by the environment, the process itself or needed operations. Debris, such as particles, fibers and even foreign objects can influence quality, customer satisfaction and health and safety. From the smallest particles that interfere with cleanroom environments to larger fibers that cause quality issues, such as poor printing quality or rejects, web contamination is not an easy problem to solve. Physical phenomena — like electrostatic charging and boundary layers — make a solution even more of a challenge
to solve.

Electrostatic Charging

Every moving web will get charged. The less conductive the substrate is, the stronger the charge will be. Even moisture and temperature influence the level of charge. Electrically charged webs keep the contamination stuck to its surface. In order to remove charged particles, the web static must be neutralized. KELVA offers several solutions for discharging the web — from a carbon fiber brush that grounds the web, to high-efficient active dischargers integrated in our Cleanflow solutions.

The Boundary Layer Problem

Depending on the material of the substrate and web speed, a layer of air is carried along by the moving web. Debris, such as particles and fibers on the web are very difficult to remove while “protected” by this layer.

The KELVA Web cleaner is designed to break the boundary layer, release and collect the particles to prevent them from spreading to the surrounding air and then appear on the web again.

The KELVA Solution

The KELVA solution opens the boundary layer of air by limiting its thickness and turning it into turbulent air. As soon as the web enters the cleaner, this layer is absorbed by the cleaner together with the contaminations. Depending on the material cleaned, KELVA offers special solutions that contain mechanical barriers inside the cleaning process, breaking the boundary layer inside the cleaner to catch the launched particles.

KELVA provides a wide variety of custom-sized web cleaning solutions – including contact and non-contact cleaners. KELVA offers over 40 years of experience in web cleaning, building over 7,000 installations worldwide. Let your web contamination problem be solved by the pioneers of web cleaning.

Kelva web cleaning systems are distributed in North America by Matik, Inc. In addition to providing sales and installation, Matik delivers preventive and maintenance service and parts.

For more information, go to https://www.matik.com/product/kelva-hs85-non-contact-web-cleaner/

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