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Eaglewood Technologies Introduces Sitexco Label L10 Anilox Cleaning System at Label Expo 2022

Eaglewood Technologies will introduce the Sitexco Label L10 Anilox Cleaning System at Label Expo 2022, Booth #1046, September 13th – 15th at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Chicago. Live demonstrations of this latest technology will be ongoing throughout the show.

The Sitexco Label L10 System is based on the award winning Sitexco Laser Anilox System. The L10 System is a slimmed-down version of the industry leading laser system; specially designed for the narrow web printer. This is the most sustainable technology available, using no chemicals, water and generating no waste.

Cleaning times are between five and 15 minutes. The L10 is safe for your aniloxes, your employees and the environment. See the debut of the Sitexco Label L10 System at Label Expo. Eaglewood Technologies offers an intelligent, environmentally safe anilox cleaning solution for every flexographic printer. Demonstrations will also be available in our Minneapolis Demonstration Center.

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