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D.W. RENZMANN SpeedyFlexPlateCleaner

D.W. RENZMANN’s SpeedyFlexPlateCleaner is easy to operate and saves time and energy. The used plates are placed on a conveyor belt, transported automatically through the cleaner, washed and dried and then deposited in a basket.

SpeedyFlexPlateCleaner is reportedly equipped with washing tank and water rinsing section completely stainless steel built, cleaning section system operated by 1 rotating brush and 1 power traverse brush, assisted by a re-circulating immersed electric-pump and a solvent spray bar. Self-adjustment rollers pressure reportedly allow the passage of clichés with different thickness.

Different options for individual adjustments are possible. In the standard version, minimum plate length is 150 millimeters, maximum plate width is 440 millimeters for the small unit and 580 millimeters for the larger version.

Using the SpeedyFlexPlateCleaner means that customer’s flexoplates are clean, dry and ready for reuse or storage immediately after cleaning. The device uses sophisticated foam rollers to clean plates very gently – reportedly avoiding the typical damage that can occur during manual plate washing.

All FlexPlateCleaner versions offer easy operation via an ON/OFF button that also shows other information, such as a cleaning cycle in progress, via the LED color.

Perfectly adapted to the cleaning unit, cleaning agents for waterbased or solvent/UV based inks are available.

For more information, visit https://www.dw-renzmann.de

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