Simco-Ion Static Control Unit Is Upgraded for Pneumatic Conveying

HATFIELD, PA | Simco-Ion announces the release of the optimized Conveyostat system. Pairing the Conveyostat in-line ionizer with the Dual Phase+ power supply reportedly allows for safe static neutralization of any metallized trim material passing through pneumatic conveyors. Company says Conveyostat systems can help lower operating costs, improve material flow, and reduce machine downtime.

The Conveyostat now integrates resistively coupled static neutralizing bars that are current limited to improve system performance, enhance operator safety, and prevent hard arcs.

The improved Dual Phase+ power supply produces high voltage for high speeds. It displays user-friendly fault and warning status indicators for short circuit detection and clogging when running metalized films. Additionally, it is current limited and designed to shut down automatically if any problem with the high voltage occurs.

In addition, a low-voltage remote display is available that can be mounted in convenient viewing areas. The remote includes an on/off switch and displays live fault and warning conditions. This results in a safer install with reduced high voltage cable.

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