Simco-Ion System Neutralizes Static and Cleans

HATFIELD, PA | Simco-Ion reports the launch of an industrial vacuum cleaning system for narrow web machines. Company says the V-Force 30 combines the power of static neutralization with high vacuum, high volume, and high velocity—allowing for ultimate cleaning. 

The complete system includes a non-contact cleaning hood with active static neutralizing bars, a ducting kit, and a self-contained Air Control System. Reportedly, it can be easily installed onto the open web in most narrow web presses and machinery, including those running thin films.

Compact clam-shell hood design incorporates an optimized air management chamber that balances a high-velocity air agitation curtain with dual vacuum slots, said to provide the highest efficiency clean. The hood also incorporates shockless static bars to quickly neutralize and break the bond between charged particulates and the running web at up to 2,000 fpm. citysex

The Air Control System is an all-in-one blow-off, vacuum, and collector support cabinet that connects to the hood through an integrated hose design. Stainless steel enclosure incorporates enhanced acoustic isolation, said to result in quiet operation. A non-regenerative blower design with dedicated turbines and a filtered fresh air intake provides powerful performance without the use of costly compressed air, adds company. The quad turbine vacuum source is strategically designed so that there is no degradation of vacuum suction as each filter accumulates particles.


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