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AccuTec, Inc. Introduces the Next Generation of High-Performance Razor Slitting Blades

AccuTec, Inc. has unveiled the latest evolution in cutting technology – the AccuTec PRO Converting Series. Designed to exceed expectations and revolutionize cutting applications across industries, the AccuTec PRO Series introduces four tiers of precision-crafted blades, each engineered with innovative materials and coatings for unparalleled performance and longevity.

With AccuTec PRO Series, users can expect consistent precision, durability, and performance across all tiers, eliminating the need for frequent blade changes and enhancing operational efficiency.

Tier 1: AccuTec PRO Blades – Precision-Cut Carbon Steel Slotted Razor Blades

- A heavy-duty blued blade and a low drag blade equipped with a coated edge to reduce friction and enhance wear resistance, AccuTec PRO Blades offer exceptional durability and precision for a wide range of cutting tasks.

Tier 2: AccuTec PRO Advance – Titanium Nitride Coated Slotted Blades

- Featuring two variants, one crafted from carbon steel and the other from stainless steel, AccuTec Advance blades are coated with Titanium Nitride (TiN) to improve wear resistance and minimize friction, ensuring optimal cutting performance.

Tier 3: AccuTec PRO Infinity – Carbon Steel Slotted Blades with SmartCoat™ Technology

- Engineered for extreme wear, AccuTec Infinity blades boast the proprietary SmartCoat™ Technology, providing unmatched durability and precision for the most demanding cutting applications.

Tier 3 Cont.: AccuTec PRO Infinity – Tungsten Carbide Slotted Blades

- Engineered for the most demanding applications, AccuTec Infinity blades feature a tungsten carbide construction for superior strength and durability. The tier includes a tungsten carbide 3-hole blade, offering versatility and performance for diverse cutting needs.

For more information, visit www.accuteccompany.com.

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