Assessing the Potential for Ink Transfer and Migration

Potential transfer…depends on many factors, such as degree of cure, ink adhesion, pressure between cups, length of time in contact, etc.

When It Comes to Flexo Quality the Sky's the Limit

The FFTA Forum, featuring an emphasis on technology and a host of awards, proudly shows off just how far flexography has come.

GAA AWARDS: Gravure Is Golden for GAA Award Winners

The Gravure Assn. of America (GAA) presented the 2001 Golden Cylinder Awards at its annual convention held May 22 in Milwaukee, WI. The association presents

Digital Printing at Your Service: Keeping Customers Happy

The other day PFFC's editors were discussing how pleased and surprised we were about the responsive service some of us recently received from our health

What's Really Going on with Your Anilox Rolls?

Has your company invested a good deal of money in an anilox roll inventory? If so, shouldn't you have the proper tools in order to get top performance from this investment?

Q&A with Prepress Provider Agfa

Integration, standardization… What's this all about? And you thought you had enough worries with your web site and e-business! In an effort to make prepress integration easier to understand, PFFC posed some questions to Agfa Corp.


Agfa announces first European Xcalibur installation, CreoScitex America names new president, Vendor Agreements Eases Color Conflict, and more...

The Missing Link: Plastics History Leads to Packaging

From fake flowers to hygienic-paper packaging, Germany's Böhme family has been in plastics for nearly 50 years. For almost as long, the company has linked its print quality to Fischer & Krecke presses.

UV and EB: Making the Trek into Energy Curing

Electron beam accelerator, electrodeless microwave ultraviolet bulbs… Neither of these exotic-sounding expressions figured in a conversation between Captain Kirk and Scottie or Jean Luc Picard and Jordy (though either one certainly sounds as if it could). But all three are part of the “energy curing” language that soon may become part of your operation's vernacular — as you contemplate and/or enter the radiation curing frontier.

Sheet Fed Lithography: Hammer Lithographic

Hammer Lithographic is a company that knows how to focus for success. When it decided to tackle the difficult job of converting sheet-fed BOPP, that ability proved invaluable.

How One Converter Mastered Sheet-Fed Films

With a supplier alliance and four years of homework, Hammer Lithographic adds sheet-fed BOPP to its operation successfully.

Doctor Blades: Making the Most of Mission Critical

Doctor blades are mission critical, asserts Tom Allison, president of Allison Systems Corporation, Riverside, NJ. In today's converting/printing products

Odd Shape? Odd Substrate? You Might Try Pad Printing

Although this column primarily covers conventional printing processes, I do occasionally receive questions about processes that are less common, such

Digital News

News from: American IS&T, DAX, DPI 2001, GASC, GretagMacbeth, Heidelberg, Hilgraeve, IPA, VuePoint, and Xaar.

Forging Ahead into the Digital Printing Frontier

The spirited converter Beau Label always has taken pride in its pioneering ways. Now, the company is pushing its printing parameters even farther with a brand new Indigo digital offset color press.

Sun Chemical HD Plates

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