INDCO Handheld Mixers Are Ideal for Portable Mixing Applications

INDCO presents their complete lineup of air powered handheld mixer packages for field operation or mixing applications which require portability. Equipped with rugged and reliable ¾ or 1 ½ HP air motors, a 40” long shaft with 5” integral paddles (model SP400), the MAC-series handheld mixers are well suited for standard or heavy duty mixing applications. 

Robust air motors provide maximum agitation when supplied with 100 PSI and 30 CFM for ¾ HP (70 CFM for 1 ½ HP version). Consult INDCO air motor performance guide for operation at lower air flows. An air flow valve allows speed control from 300-3000 RPM. 

Air motors provide a lighter weight option than electric motors, while non-electric operation reduces the possibility of explosion in a combustible environment. With a wide variety of impeller designs available, INDCO handheld mixers ideal for mixing paint, resins, chemicals, ink, adhesives, block fillers and more. 

Single-handle or dual handlebar options are available. Chuck capacity is ½”, couplers may be substituted for chucks. In addition to handheld mixers, a wide assortment of drill attachments are available. 

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