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Toyo Ink Rolls Out New UV-Curable Products

TOKYO, JAPAN | Toyo Ink Company has developed two new series of low-energy, UV-curable offset inks under its FLASH DRY brand: the FLASH DRY LPC EX for ozone-free curing systems and the FLASH DRY LED EX for LED-UV curing systems. The two new products will initially be launched to the Japan market in October 2016 with a phased rollout to other regions planned for a later time.

Company says both product series realize an expanded color gamut, high transparency, and high gloss compared with conventional UV inks, making possible a level of color reproduction comparable to oil-based inks.

In addition, new breakthroughs in polymer-structure control technology have resulted in the development of an ink formulation said to provide improved emulsification while exhibiting excellent viscoelastic properties, printability, and surface print quality. As a result of all these developments, says Toyo, UV inks are now as easy-to-handle on the shop floor as oil-based inks.

“Developed under rigid field testing requirements, the two latest additions to the FLASH DRY family demonstrate our commitment and ability to deliver innovative solutions that support the needs of our customers,” says Katsumi Yamazaki, president of Toyo Ink Co., Ltd. “As early pioneers in the development of UV and LED-UV curable technology, [we have seen] the UV ink market emerge as a strong growth area for [us]. Looking to become the leading global brand in the low-energy UV field, we aim to increase production volume for these new ink products by 2.5 times in 2020.”

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