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Color-Logic Certifies Kolorcure Inks


WEST CHESTER, OH | Color-Logic has awarded certification to screen printing inks manufactured by Kolorcure, Batavia, IL, a supplier of ultraviolet inks to the printing industry.

Color-Logic director of operations and eCommerce Dave Bowden says: “Kolorcure UV screen printing inks have been thoroughly evaluated, and have been found to produce excellent results with our Process Metallic Color System. As a result, screen printers can confidently make the Color-Logic process available to their clients, knowing that Kolorcure inks have been tested in our laboratories.”

Daniel Templeman, Kolorcure technical sales representative, adds, “Kolorcure is pleased to join the list of companies that have been certified by Color-Logic. Our UV ink customers recognize the outstanding special effects Color-Logic can produce, and we expect that certification will benefit us both greatly.”

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