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Kodak Line Helps Deter Counterfeiters


ROCHESTER, NY | Kodak offers the anti-counterfeiting Traceless Anywhere System, which combines marker material with a discreet, hand-held, field-deployable reader, enabling the detection of illegally marketed products and merchandise. Said to be implemented easily into existing printing processes and can be used on a wide range of materials including plastics, foils, corrugated, flexible packaging, and labels. Pocket reader enables brand owners to deploy a discrete field authentication strategy.

Other Traceless products include color shifting inks, said to add a simple yet effective layer of overt authentication to packaging. Inks, offered in seven color pairs, are made with security pigments developed specifically for anti-counterfeiting applications.

Traceless thermal transfer ribbons automatically adds company’s ultra-covert markers to barcodes, product information, shipping labels, and more.

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