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CTI Inks Help Tuaca Liqueur Display a Perfect Chill

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO | Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI) has made a lasting impression on the high quality liqueur from Tuaca. The bottle’s lion, a classic brand image for Tuaca, was redesigned as a thermochromic feature for the label on the limited-edition bottle.

Tuaca label with CTI inkThe ‘Perfect Chill’ bottle has met with exciting consumer response since introduction in 2011, and has been showcased on Tuaca’s “Drinks & Ink 2012: A Celebration of Tattoo and Cocktail Artistry” tours with world-famous tattoo artist Corey Miller of television’s “LA Ink.” Miller created the custom design that adorns the Perfect Chill bottle, which was printed by Eurostampa of Italy at its North American facility in Cincinnati. The unique design of the lion shifts from a silver color at room temperature to a stunning, vivid blue when chilled to 8 deg C (46.4 deg F), when the product is at peak serving for consumers. The ‘tattoo’—using the thermochromic inks supplied by CTI—is printed on a label that adorns the bottle.

“Tuaca makes mention of their 500-year history beginning as a legendary liqueur created for Lorenzo de Medici—ruler of Florence and visionary benefactor of renaissance art and architecture,” explained CTI’s Melanie Edwards, manager of strategic sales initiatives. “Tuaca’s introduction to the US dates back to WWII, when American servicemen brought the recipe home. Since that time, Tuaca’s presence continues to grow in the market, and we are, of course, thrilled to play a role in their Perfect Chill campaign.”

CTI’s ‘thermochromic’ process uses cold-activated ink technology to convey messaging, be it an indication of cold temperatures or an extension of the product’s brand. CTI’s technology also provides for the reverse process, wherein hot beverages will display a signal on the package or label.

CTI’s thermochromic inks are applied in diverse markets such as security and anti-counterfeiting, food and beverage packaging and many other types of consumer packaging. Another CTI capability, photochromic ink (ink color changes due to exposure to UV light from the sun) is largely used in the textile market, but is seeing an increase in demand for consumer packaging. CTI’s inks fulfill five main functions for packaging:

  • brand message enhancement
  • on-package promotion
  • emotional connection with consumers
  • safety and function
  • interactivity

CTI’s innovations can be found on products from such diverse companies as Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola Canada, Coors, Hallmark, Monster Energy, Mountain Dew, and Pizza Hut.

“While CTI’s expertise is on display worldwide on major brands, the company was recently honored in its home state as a “2012 Colorado Company to Watch” by the Edward Lowe Foundation. The award salutes companies that have clearly expanded beyond their start-up phase and developed valuable products and services, created quality jobs, enriched communities, and created new industries throughout the state.

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