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QuadTech Reports Color Technology Agreement


SUSSEX, WI | QuadTech, in consultation with ColorConsulting, Saronno, Italy, reports a technology cooperation with Huber Group, München, Germany, and X-Rite Solutions, Grand Rapids, MI, The agreement, announced at drupa 2012, involves in-line spectral data obtained from QuadTech, ink formulation data from X-Rite, and ink dispensing technology from Huber Group.

The process begins with customer-defined color targets, typically supplied by Pantone color standard library, a Color Exchange Format (CxF) file, or color samples. These targets are evaluated off-line, manually, using the X-Rite SpectroEye. A spectral color curve is obtained and loaded into X-Rite’s InkFormulation software, which then formulates an “ink receipt.” A Huber Group Color Database provides data to the ink dosing machine, which then prepares the ink can. After successful quality control by means of a drawdown, the ink goes to press.

The color targets are loaded into QuadTech’s Color Measurement System with SpectralCam. Obtaining the color target data occurs simultaneously with live color measurements taken at full press speeds. Any color deviations are automatically captured and reported in ΔE values. A new color CxF file can be sent back to the InkFormulation software.

Randy Freeman, QuadTech’s VP and general manager of packaging, calls the agreement “an historic development for the package printing industry. We’re combining the advantages of in-line and off-line color measurement to significantly reduce press downtime and waste. We’re harnessing the strengths of the world’s most advanced and proven color technology companies to share data in a common format, which will give printers confidence that their color quality is well within targets and consistently high.”

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