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Americhem Color Solutions Are Green


CUYAHOGA FALLS, OH | Americhem, a global provider of custom color and additive solutions for the plastics and synthetic fiber industries, is addressing issues of compostability, renewability, reusability, and degradability with its nBalance sustainable solutions.

The nBalance product line is comprised of color and additive masterbatches said to reduce impact on the environment, reduce consumption of natural resources, and require minimal energy use in manufacturing and distribution.

Americhem’s current sustainable offerings include defined palettes and technologies for PLA and bio PTT, a PCR renewal additive for PET, nCore chemical blowing agents used to lightweight products and reduce raw material usage, and natural fibers such as flax used as fillers and for unique esthetic effects. All sustainable solutions can be customized.

In other news from Americhem, the company recently established a manufacturing campus on more than 40 acres in Liberty, NC. The facility infrastructure includes rail line access, a dedicated rail spur, silos, and close proximity to interstate highways. Americhem Liberty reportedly has a highly automated and efficient process flow and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, allowing for optimization of product quality, productivity, and cost efficiency.

“We are optimistic about the future of the masterbatch and specialty compounding markets in North America,” says CEO Rick Juve. “Americhem expects to achieve double-digit sales growth over the next several years and we’ll continue to focus on technology-based solutions that support our customers’ growth.”

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