OMET Americas Hosts Students

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL | On October 27 OMET Americas opened the doors to its demonstration facility in Elk Grove Village to Department of Technology students from Illinois State University for its first annual Printing Technology and Innovation Days. 

ISU Department of Technology students acquire hands-on time with OMET iFlex Label Press at demo center

Claudio Semenza, sales director at OMET Americas, welcomed the students to what he called, “a fantastic opportunity to share in the evolution impacting the global printing and packaging industries by providing hands-on, experiential learning 1:1 with industry experts.” The day included live demonstrations, a “lunch ‘n’ learn,” and a breakout panel with industry experts. “Everyone can take part in ensuring students have access to opportunities to gain a firsthand understanding of the industry and network with market leaders, as well as, exposure to the technologies and skills employees use in the flexographic field,” Semenza says.

“This partnership is a testament to the commitment of OMET Americas and industry supply chain members to make a real impact on the lives of students,” says Semenza.

The Printing Technology Innovation Days—a Future of Flexo Initiative—is an intensive effort founded by OMET Americas and a consortium of flexographic printers and suppliers to increase the growth of our industry’s future workforce and technology. Accoridng to Semenza, this is a “win-win” for everyone involved as it’s a great platform for suppliers to talk about technical innovations but also serves as a pipeline to graduating students seeking employment opportunities. The initiative was launched in late 2017, but Semenza hopes to expand to other schools and more print programs.

An important programmatic element of the Printing Technology Innovation Days model includes the development of pathways to careers at both converter operations and all across the flexographic supply chain. Guest speakers included: Tony Parsons of Nazdar Ink Technologies, Steve Molinets of tesa tape, North America, Randy Davidson of Praxair Surface Technologies, and Jennifer Heathcote of Phoseon Technologies.

Semenza believes the initiative can be a model for how OEMs work with their community, universities, and technical colleges to not only train, educate, and inform but to deliver the range of services and support needed to grow tomorrow’s workforce. He adds, “It also proves the high value attached to programs designed to identify and grow a pool of qualified students for future work placements, and that is never a bad thing.”

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