DuPont Markets Plates to CPGs


WILMINGTON, DE | DuPont Packaging Graphics reports its new Cyrel Performance Plates for flexible package printing are designed to deliver strong shelf impact, vibrant colors, and global brand consistency to benefit brand managers representing Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies worldwide. 

Company says the plates offer speed, productivity, and sustainability for flexo printing, allowing faster turnaround times and more cost-effective package printing and helping companies meeting green manufacturing guidelines.

“Powerful packaging means stronger sales for consumer brands,” says John Chrosniak, global business director, DuPont Packaging Graphics. “Flexographic printing, enabled by today’s superior new plate technology, is capable of outstanding print quality that delivers the kinds of colors consumers can’t resist. DuPont is reaching out beyond its direct customer base of printing trade shops and converters to help CPGs see the difference for themselves and to date, the campaign has been very well received.”

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