W&H EASY Modules Made to Enhance Flexo Production


LINCOLN, RI | Windmoeller & Hoelscher offers EASY modules for flexo presses. The EASY-SET HD, reportedly features high-resolution topographic print design graphics for exact and fast impression adjustment of anilox rolls and plate cylinders. 

The EASY-REG is for setting the side-lay and flow direction register precisely using no register marks.

EASY-VIEW is used today being used on a large scale for total printed image viewing based on an imaging system that processes the data sent from the EASY line camera. This allows the printed image to be viewed and evaluated across the entire web width.

The EASY-COL automation module permits re-adjusting the printing inks to the exact given reference value in just one or two correction steps. In this way, company says, the quantity of inks required for a specific run can be exactly determined and left-over inks reduced to a minimum.

The EASY-CHECK C system detects ink variations during production and delivers the data for automatic correction of the color density as well as dot gain. In conjunction with EASY-COL, it is possible to maintain any specified ink quality values with maximum consistency, with any deviation and correction values being perfectly recorded.

For the company’s HELIOSTAR S rotogravure printing program, EASY-SYNC adjusts the pre-register using the shortest possible web length, and the pre-registered web then proceeds to the HELIOCONTROL register controller for dynamic side-lay and longitudinal registration.

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