Viscosity Controller Helps Flexo Printer Establish Packaging Excellence

Brookfield AST 100MIDDLEBORO, MA | Brookfield Engineering Laboratories Inc. has helped a leading flexographic printer with establishing superior quality and packaging excellence. For more than 40 years, Prestige-Pak, Fond du Lac, WI, a wide web flexographic printer for the snack food, confectionery, bakery, medical, pet food, and dry goods industries, has established a legacy of superior quality and unparalleled dedication to customer satisfaction.

Recently Prestige has installed the Brookfield AST-100 in-line viscosity controller to improve their overall printing process. Tony Clark, assistant plant manager, stated: “Since being installed, the Brookfield AST units have proved to be extremely reliable, trouble-free viscometers; we have had zero performance and maintenance issues with them. The operators love them. The AST-100INK sensors have given them the confidence to let the viscometer do the job of maintaining the ink viscosity while allowing them to focus on other press concerns throughout the run.”

Adds Plant Manager Gregg Leisten: “In addition to the consistent control of our ink viscosity throughout our print runs, the in-line Brookfield viscometer has increased our productivity by decreasing ink set up and wash down time between jobs. The AST-100INK sensor is truly an excellent addition to our PCMC press.”

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