Adflex Installs First KODAK FLEXCEL NX Wide System in the Northeast

ROCHESTER, NY | Following a very successful year with its KODAK FLEXCEL NX System, Adflex Corp. has installed the new FLEXCEL NX Wide System to produce larger plates, expand its client base, add new services, and fuel its own growth. The flexographic trade shop becomes the first site in the northeastern US to install the new device, expanding its capacity and differentiating itself in the highly competitive flexo marketplace.

“We’ve been very impressed with the unmatched pixel-for-pixel imaging, combined with the outstanding KODAK DIGICAP NX Screening for ink transfer. Our customers are just amazed when they compare before and after capabilities,” said Jeff Andolora, president of Adflex.

“Knowing we can handle the premium work is great, but the majority of the work for our customers today does not demand that,” Andolora continued. “Instead, the benefits the printers are seeing with the KODAK plates every day in ink transfer, easy cleaning, plate life, and full tonal range make it look as if we increased the line screen when we haven’t.”

The FLEXCEL NX System is a complete solution for digital platemaking that allows users to push the boundaries of flexo printing. The system uses a unique combination of superior imaging technology and materials science to produce plates that deliver outstanding on-press performance. Benefits include smoother, higher-density solids without laying down more ink; wider color gamut; higher line screens; high-density white in a single pass; a reduction in the number of colors required per job; reduced press downtime; and reduced makeready.

The FLEXCEL NX Wide System provides all the features and benefits of the current FLEXCEL NX System in a larger format, supporting plates up to 42 x 60 in. This allows Adflex to produce a wider range of package sizes for their printer and brand owner customers, or increase efficiency through the ability to optimize job layout on one plate. The new FLEXCEL NX Wide System dramatically increases the quality and efficiency of flexographic printing for applications including tags and labels, folding cartons, and flexible packages, while also offering improved productivity and predictability on press.

“Adflex has not limited its success to one application or market, but across the board including labels, folding cartons, pre-print liners, gift wrap, coated and uncoated paper, foils, films, and shrink wraps with all ink types,” noted Kodak’s Dr. John Anderson, Worldwide Packaging Segment manager. “Adflex has used the KODAK Solution in new and exciting ways, showing its diversity and flexibility for a broad range of clients. The simplicity of just one plate type for all applications, and a single standard DIGICAP NX Surface Screening pattern for efficient ink transfer, reduces complexity for our customers and enables them to focus on the important tasks of strengthening and growing their businesses.”

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