EskoArtwork Celebrates 2000 Installations of Cyrel Digital Imager

 BURY, UK | EskoArtwork announces the 2000th installation of a Cyrel Digital Imager (CDI). The imager was installed at VCG Connect UK, one of Europe's leading providers of digital reprographics services. The landmark installation is the second CDI Spark 5080 with HD Flexo in 2011 for VCG Connect.

Jim McCormack, managing director of VCG Connect, says, “We are known for our leading-edge innovative technology, and that is why we work with EskoArtwork.” He says the company recently won a major contract with a large brand and 2012 will see it export more than £750,000 of printing plates to nine countries including Russia and Poland.

“In winning this work,” says operations director David Piercy, “we felt vulnerable with only one CDI. We were so satisfied with all the technical support we had received since the installation of the first CDI Spark 5080, we had no compunction in ordering the second.”

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