Landa Names Beta Customers for Nanographic Press

REHOVOT, ISRAEL | Landa has released its final 2017 beta customer line-up.

The first shipment of the Landa S10 Nanographic printing press will take place in July 2017 to Graphica Bezalel, the award-winning Israel-based folding carton, packaging, and label convertor. As a traditional offset print house, Graphica Bezalel has selected the S10 as its first digital solution, reportedly affording it the competitive advantage of high-speed, high-quality digitally printed folding carton production.

Eyal Harpak, director of Graphica Bezalel, says, "Nanography is the first technology to tempt us into the world of digital print. Until we saw what the Landa S10 could produce, we couldn't believe that any digital press could match offset print quality at the high speeds required to open up the medium-run folding carton market. We were astonished with what Benny Landa and the team have achieved.”

Landa and Graphica Bezalel will hold a worldwide customer event during the week of September 12, 2017, to demonstrate the Landa S10 in a customer production environment.

In November 2017, Landa will ship North America's first Landa S10 Nanographic press to Imagine!, a US-based supplier of point-of-purchase solutions.

"We bought this press because of Benny Landa's track record in developing innovative, industry-changing technology," says Bob Lothenbach, founder of Imagine!. "We don't usually chase technology trends, however we believe in Nanography and want to be instrumental in the digital-for-mainstream revolution. Nanography is the first digital printing solution with the format sizes and speeds that will let us migrate our applications away from offset. The reduced set-up costs and improved turnaround times will bring substantial growth to our business." 

Yishai Amir, CEO, Landa (L), and Dierk Schroder, managing director, Edelmann

In December 2017 Edelmann, the German-headquartered supplier of board and paper packaging solutions, will become the first European beta customer for the Landa S10 Nanographic Printing Press. Specializing in packaging solutions for health care, beauty care, and consumer brands, Edelmann has production plants in nine countries with sales exceeding 300 million euros and produces 5.5 billion packages and leaflets per year.

Dierk Schröder, chairman, Edelmann, says: "Our business is all about customer service: Staying in tune with the market and delivering what it needs, but also anticipating, innovating, and then proactively offering what it didn't know it needed. We're excited to be working with Landa; this is a value-based partnership that will drive long-lasting end customer relationships. What's more, Nanography is breakthrough technology with the potential to transform the print, packaging and communication markets."

Oliver Sattel, technical director, Edelmann, says, "Brands are actively looking to streamline their operations to remain lean and efficient but not at the expense of product quality or price. The Landa S10 delivers this. It removes the previous barriers of minimum order quantities with money tied-up in unnecessary printed stock and storage. This represents unprecedented flexibility that will interest not only our customers' procurement departments but their creative teams too. We already have lots of interest for this new service, and we are confident that Landa is the right partner and Nanography the only technology to deliver this capability."

Landa chairman Benny Landa says, "I am thrilled that after many years of development, we are now reaching the milestone of delivering our first Landa Nanographic Printing Presses to customers. We are very proud that these industry leaders, and others who share their vision, have chosen to become our beta partners in this program. As promised, Landa press stability, print quality, and speed are now consistently high. It's exciting to think that in only a matter of months we will see Nanographic print in the market, representing a paradigm shift in print economics and empowering brands like never before.”


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