Dscoop Conference Is a Record-Breaker

ATLANTA, GA | Dscoop, the digital printing user group in the graphics industry, reports that its 11th annual conference, held April 14–16 in San Antonio, TX, was its largest conference ever, drawing attendees from twice as many companies as its record-breaking conference in 2015 and nearly 400 additional attendees compared to last year. 

“Dscoop members should be proud to be American manufacturers when that is almost an oxymoron these days,” says Michael Duggal, CEO of Duggal Visual Solutions and Dscoop conference chair, during his presentation to attendees at the opening session of the conference. He shared that the print industry employs close to 450,000 according to the US Department of Labor and Statistics, ahead of the coal and petroleum industry, beverage and tobacco manufacturing, and many others. Duggal’s presentation addressed how the print industry stacks up against other industries and illustrated the ways Dscoop members take care of each other and give back to the community.

“The positive energy at the Dscoop conference is always palpable,” says John Rogers, Dscoop global executive director. “It is what makes the organization so unique and so successful. This year was no exception.…We were very pleased at the level of participation in our give-back events. Together, we were able to make a difference for many kids in need in the San Antonio community with new bicycles, stuffed backpacks, coloring books, and other donations.”

This was the first year that Dscoop was large enough to be held in a convention center, and it was one of the very first conferences to be held in the brand new Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio.

The largest ever Solutions Showcase included exhibits by more than 103 Dscoop partners all showing their latest portfolios of products and services. “Our special thanks to our partners,” Rogers says, “many of whom used the Dscoop platform to launch new products, and all of whom brought valuable ideas and solutions to their exhibits to help our members stay ahead of the pack and find new business ideas and opportunities. And as always, there was plenty of time for education and networking, a key focus providing tremendous value to those who participate in Dscoop events.”

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