Digital Impact Adds Durst UV Inkjet Printer for POP Displays

ROCHESTER, NY | Digital Impact LLC, which serves the POP and POS display industries, once again has enhanced its operations, performance capabilities, and range of solutions to clients with its addition of a 98-in. Durst Rho 1000 Continuous Inkjet Production System, equipped to deliver a wider color gamut, at its 45,000-sq-ft industrial campus in Yeadon, PA.

Robert Mormile, president of Digital Impact and its parent, VT Group, said his company selected the Rho 1000 primarily for two reasons: its productivity and its ability to deliver a wide color gamut—particularly accurate brand colors. The Rho 1000, he said, enables Digital Impact to offer its customers the most innovative imaging solutions via a highly efficient, cost-effective process.

“We’ve always sought the most advanced technology to deliver the highest quality products and services,” Mormile said. “The Rho 1000 is a very versatile, very productive platform. And to satisfy our need for a wider range of colors, including brand colors important to our clients, Durst fitted the printer with its Process Color Additions—which added orange and violet to the CMYK, light cyan, and light magenta color channels, giving it eight-color capacity. We’re pleased with the result, and we think our customers are going to feel its impact right away.”

Digital Impact was founded in 2004 outside Philadelphia as a proofing and short-run solution for converters to support the plate-making process. Today the company produces large-format, high-resolution, semi-permanent POP displays, product packaging, and specialized permanent displays and fixtures. In 2011 Digital Impact acquired a Durst Rho 900 Large-Format UV Inkjet Printer.

“Our collaboration with Digital Impact was a very demanding process, due to their critical requirements for precise color matching and accurate brand colors,” noted Christopher Howard, senior VP of sales and marketing for Durst U.S. “Our Process Color Additions were the key to the success of this effort. But it’s the professionals at companies like Digital Impact, who constantly seek to raise the bar to satisfy their clients’ needs, that keep the industry moving forward. We’re very pleased to have Bob Mormile and his Digital Impact team part of the Durst family.”

Process Color Additions—available in orange and green or orange and violet—are printed in the same mode as the Rho 1000’s CMYK process colors with no loss in output speed. No special file preparation is necessary, which enables much smoother color gradients and more even solids at production-level output speeds.

Rho 1000

The Durst Rho 1000 efficiently delivers the widest range of output at high quality production speeds. It features unmatched material flexibility—transporting and printing on an extensive variety of boards, sheets and roll media—along with impressive output of up to 5,380 sq ft per hr.

The 98-in. wide continuous production system is equipped with the most productive, accurate media transport mechanism available, featuring a unique continuous vacuum belt system. A fully automated feeding and stacking option enables the creation of a self-contained production line. Together with Durst’s Quadro Array print head technology, intuitive operating software with true touch-screen interface, other workflow advances and the broadest range of inks—including light colors, white and gloss—the Rho 1000 offers an unprecedented combination of speed, image quality, versatility, and productivity.

The Rho 1000 is designed for productive 24/7 operation. Set-up times are minimal, which opens up new business opportunities in terms of efficiency and the ability to print a wide range of output within the client’s time frame. It’s a precision workhorse print platform that can operate independently or be integrated into existing manufacturing processes.

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