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Domino Printers Have New Capabilities


CAMBRIDGE, UK | Domino Printing Sciences has increased the capabilities of its A-Series i-Tech range of continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers with intelligent production-enhancing features and new specialist and custom inks. By
combining its full array of i-Tech intelligent Technology smart features and these new specialist inks, company says the coding solutions become even more adaptable to a wider range of applications and challenging production environments.

New inks include washable and moisture-resistant inks for the beverage sector, thermochromic color-changing inks for the food canning industry, inks with high adhesion and anti-abrasion properties for PP and PE surfaces, as well as fully compliant specialist inks for the food and healthcare industries.

The combination of company’s i-Tech ink system and SureStart printhead with autoflush and nozzle sealing process guarantees consistent performance and reportedly contributes to lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact.

The ink Qube is said to eliminate the need for conventional service in favor of easily replenished consumables in which the ink and filters are separated from the pump and associated electronics. This allows for a clean and simple change of ink and filters without having to scrap viable, functioning mechanical, and electrical components. The QuickStep interface minimizes operator errors and speeds up printer setup through simplified set-up routines requiring minimal involvement, company adds.

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