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Paperboard industry showcases its winning ways

The Paperboard Packaging Council competition selects 80 outstanding packages from a wide field of entries.

Eighty packages were honored for innovation and creativity in the national Paperboard Packaging Competition. Sponsored by the Paperboard Packaging Council, Washington, DC, the competition awarded winners, 23 product categories.

More than 340 entries were received this year. Each entry's performance was evaluated by six criteria. structural design, graphic design, production excellence, consumer marketing, uniqueness of package, and other characteristics. Entries considered outstanding in four or mote areas earned Gold Awards, while entries considered outstanding in two or three areas received Excellence Awards. The 80 winners included one President's award, two Technical/Innovation winners, 24 Gold winners, and 53 Excellence winners.

Judging the entries were: Donald Crossley, president of Tryco Packaging; Richard dePaul, president of DePaul Assoc.; Greg Erickson, editor and publisher of Shelf Presence Newsletter, John A. Grip, president of J.A. Grip & Co.; Todd B. Hansen, president of promotional Industries Inc.; Anthony Parisi, VP of Creative Services, Tambrands Inc.; Dr. Peter.J. Vergano ScD, associate professor of packaging science, Clemson College of Agricultural Sciences; and Jack Williams, former senior VP of the Folding Carton Div. of Green Bay Packaging.

"Each year we invite all PPC members involved in the design and manufacture of paperboard packaging to submit their best packages," says PPC president John A. McIntyre. "The competition, presents a unique opportunity for members of the folding carton industry to showcase their best packages and to receive the recognition they deserve for continuing to produce dependable, attractive, and high quality paperboard packaging." This year's competition was fine-tuned to reflect suggestions from PPC members after last year's event. Due to overwhelmingly positive response to the inaugural Technical Achievement Award at the 1995 competition, McIntyre reports, and in response to a significant increase in entries, the 1996 competition features two winners in this category. It has also been renamed a more descriptive "Technical/Innovation Achievement Award."

In addition, there have been changes in category names: Entry Classification List has been renamed Packaging Classification List; Miscellaneous has been renamed Paperboard Products Not Packaged; Novelty Items has been renamed Novelty Items/Mailers, Marketing/Promotional Packages; and the Paper Products category has been eliminated.

The Big Three

The President's Award was presented to Ivy Hill Packaging/WEA Media Services, Los Angeles, CA, for its creation of the Yearn 2 Learn Snoopy's Geography Book Carton for Image Smith.

The three-piece carton consists of an outer book cover with two double panels connected by a single panel that forms the spine, an inner book portion with full overlap ends sealed with double tab locks, and an E-flute insert that provides rigidity to the structure.

According to the judges, the package "truly showcases the capabilities of the industry." It not only looks like a real library book, but it also feels like one. It has a cover, that is leathery to the touch and "pages" created by heavy scoring that invite you to turn them. The gold stamping, embossing, and rounded spine add to the authenticity.

The first Technical/Innovation Award was presented to Riverwood International Corp., Kankakee, IL, for the Vertipack[R] Produce Carton. The carton uses paperboard to replace more traditional produce carton materials.

"The result is an innovative way to pack, stack, ship, and display produce," explains the judges.

"Although the carton uses a minimal amount of material, structurally it is very sound." Also noted were the converting and gluing expertise necessary to meet stringent registration requirements.

The second Technical/Innovation Award was presented to James River Corp., Garden Grove, CA, for its production of the Essence Octagonal Package for D'Essence.

The package was praised for its interesting shape, solid structure, and overall use of paperboard. The carton used only one glue seam and relies on scoring to give it an unusual octagonal shape.

The easy setup (just tuck in the two end flaps to secure the carton tightly) reduces cost and time associated with packaging the product.

"It effectively addresses the issue of a total package made from one material," according to the judges, who commented additionally, And consumers win take a liking to the unique shape of this box."

For more information on the competition or the association, contact the Paperboard Packaging Council, 888 17th St. NW, Ste. 900, Washington, DC 20006; ph: 202/289-4100; fax: 202/289-4243.

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