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TekniPlex Healthcare Presents “Tubing Solutions for Drug Delivery, IV Therapy and Interventional Catheters”

The company will also showcase PTCA/PTA Inner & Balloon Tubing

TekniPlex Healthcare, which utilizes advanced materials science expertise to help deliver better patient outcomes, will be a featured presenter at Medtec China, June 1-3 in Suzhou. Deking Xiong, Senior Business Development Manager for TekniPlex Healthcare, will present Tubing Solutions for Drug Delivery, IV Therapy and Interventional Catheters.

Mr. Xiong will share insights based on extensive experience working with catheter development and applications in minimally-invasive vascular surgery. His resume includes nearly a decade as a business development manager for a leading US-based catheter company, as well as a senior R&D engineering role developing catheters for a prominent provider of blood vessel products. The presentation occurs June 1 at 2:00pm in Room E1,Hall E1 of the Suzhou International Expo Centre.

TekniPlex Healthcare also will highlight its range of inner and balloon tubing for coronary and non-coronary angioplasty applications at the Medtec China exhibition in Hall B1-Stand H001. Produced and extruded in ISO-certified cleanrooms, the company’s PTCA/PTA tubing incorporates a precision tri-layer extrusion comprising medically certified raw materials.

TekniPlex Healthcare’s tri-layer inner tubing consists of polyamide (nylon) or polyether block amide copolymer (PEBA) outer layers with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) inner layers. The small-diameter, thin-wall, tight-tolerance, high-precision configurations are required for use in interventional vascular apparatuses to allow diagnostic and therapeutic devices – for example, balloon catheters for coronary, peripheral and neurovascular intervention – to more easily advance over guidewires. The inner tubing’s HDPE inner layer reduces friction on the wire, while the outer layer is bondable to balloon catheter tubing of similar materials; the middle layer is an extremely thin adhesive ‘tie layer’. The thickness of the inner and outer layers can be customized to suit various applications. 

“Precision tubing is an essential aspect in a variety of complicated, mission-critical coronary and non-coronary angioplasty applications,” said Meg Henke, Global Head of Product Marketing, for TekniPlex Healthcare. “Friction reduction, bonding capabilities and consistent wall thicknesses of tubing solutions can all affect surgical procedures to some degree, and we look forward to stressing their importance at MedTec China.”

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