DUNMORE Introduces Dura Soft Touch Film for a Multi-Sensory Experience

BRISTOL, PA | DUNMORE launches Dura Soft Touch Film, a new commercially available low gloss, tactile film. Creating a multi-sensory experience across applications continues to be important for product engagement and branding. In response to this market demand, DUNMORE has created Dura Soft Touch Film, a 12 micron soft feel PET film. Common applications include packaging, labels, and metal or plastic finishing applications.

Integrating a soft touch feel to a packaging design or other product can be a challenge. How do you make something soft, but durable enough for your application? DUNMORE's R&D team addresses this challenge with the development of a durable, soft touch film product that maintains its appearance throughout the supply chain. A soft touch film must keep its integrity during the manufacturing process, shipping & handling, and the final end use. Internal testing of the soft feel film has shown no visual changes to the surface after 250 rub cycles. In addition to durability, the new Dura Soft Touch Film is also printable. The new soft touch film has excellent first surface print adhesion with multiple ink systems from water and solvent-based flexo to UV inks.

Neil Gillespie, Vice President of Technology states, "The development of a new soft touch film product has been a priority for DUNMORE to meet customer demand. Developing a durable, cost-competitive soft feel film has been a challenge that we have embraced throughout the development process. The R&D team is excited to see this commercial product used in the field for packaging, and other applications we haven’t even considered."


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