Premier™ Slot Die from Nordson Can Get ROI in Months

CHIPPEWA FALLS, WI | Nordson has designed the tool to compare single- or multi-layer slot die coating with roll coating, dipping, engraved-roller, and other standard processes. Basic numerical values are the one-time costs of equipment investment and engineering. Process data cover substrate, coating fluid and operational costs. Key factors causing processes to differ in the value of these inputs include the viscosity, line speed, and wet thickness ranges of which a process is capable, along with the degree of coating uniformity.

The tool, called the Fluid Coating Payback Calculator, can be accessed online at

Using these inputs, the tool automatically calculates the cost savings achievable with slot die coating for substrate material, coating fluid, and labor. The total of these savings is compared with the one-time costs of investment and engineering to yield the payback time for these costs.

“While the cost of investment in a slot die system can be significantly greater than for most roll-coating systems, the savings yielded by slot die coating often make it possible to pay off the initial investment in a matter of months,” said Patrick Meinen, business development manager for Nordson’s fluid coating systems. “Of particular value is the unique capability of fixed-lip slot dies to apply more than one coating in a single pass, making possible a complete coating line.”

A Premier™ slot die supplied by Nordson can be engineered to apply two or three coatings simultaneously yet can also be used to apply single layers.

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