Letter from the President

The original goal of the founding members of our association was a simple, yet an important one. Twenty-one representatives from 19 companies recognized the need to meet once a year in order to discuss the issues they faced in trying to carve out a successful niche for their own businesses and for a new industry. Over the course of the following decades as the label decoration sector expanded, TMI became TLMI when the decision was made in 1962 to expand the Tag Manufacturers Inst. to include pressure-sensitive label manufacturers. Ultimately another decision was made that evolved TLMI into what it is today, and that was to allow supplier members to join and to attend annual meetings.

One of the central objectives of the association in the 1960s remains that of TLMI today: to have the leaders of our industry — the entrepreneurs, the presidents, and the senior managers of both our converter and supplier member companies — come together to discuss what are the most important issues of our industry and to provide a networking forum where relationships are cultivated and can be expanded. Our goal also continues to focus on creating programs and technical seminars that provide solutions and strategies senior management can take back to their companies and implement immediately.

We have witnessed a dramatic change over the past 75 years when it comes to the programs and events TLMI provides to its membership and the general marketplace. The adage “The only constant is change” is true, and TLMI has truly changed and evolved over the decades into an association that more effectively meets the needs of its supplier and converter members. What was reportedly considered an “Old Boys Club” decades ago has grown into a prominent association driven by its members and its board of directors.

TLMI's volunteers who serve on and chair the association's numerous committees along with our board of directors — both groups comprised of converter and supplier members — are the driving force behind every decision the association makes, and they are at the core of TLMI's strategic objectives moving forward. This is why TLMI remains such a prominent force in the global narrow web sector and why the association will succeed for another 75 years. I believe the following testimonial given recently at a meeting by a new converter member says it all:

“This was our first meeting and we were pleasantly surprised. We had wondered about joining an association where many of the members are competitors. We found the reception was warm and welcoming, and I wish we had joined years ago.” — North American Label Converter


The premier member-driven association for the label and packaging industry.

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