Reflections of a Leader

As I reflect on the things TLMI has done for this industry, I am very proud of what we have accomplished as an association. From my perspective as a second-generation family business owner, I have seen how TLMI has evolved from a very cordial “gentlemen's club” into a vibrant, fully energized group of business professionals. My father, who was a member of TLMI from 1978 to 1998, would have never imagined that we would hold powerful meetings with people taking notes on their laptops — hanging on every word from the speakers!

Despite those changes, the relationships with key suppliers and peers are still the most valuable part of TLMI. Being able to brainstorm with a friend in the same business, located out of your local area, is a benefit that no other association offers. As our business becomes more and more technical and specialized, it is no longer possible to be a “general purpose label printer” and survive. You have to focus on your key strengths and provide other products and services through strategic alliances. This, again, is a key area that TLMI provides — networking with other business owners that have products to complement yours and help you more fully serve your customers. Now more than ever, TLMI membership is a smart business decision for all label converters and suppliers.

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