Credit Card Program Just Delivers

In partnership with Chase Paymentech, TLMI's Affinity Program offers members specially negotiated rates for a comprehensive credit card processing solution. Members pay no authorization or transaction fees, no application, conversion, or annual fees, and they receive comprehensive reporting and 24-hr service and technical support.

“Like so many small, annoying parts of running a business, credit card processing really doesn't matter much, until something goes wrong,” explains Scott Pillsbury, president of Rose City Label, Portland, OR. “We have been very happy with the TLMI Affinity program. The service is excellent, the rate is competitive with what we can get through our bank and other third-party processors, and TLMI gets a commission based on our participation. Having the TLMI group behind us gives us more clout if we ever have an issue that needs to be resolved. It has been a 100% win-win for our company.”

“It was a chance to participate with TLMI, and there were some cost savings to it,” adds Brian Gale, chief operating officer of I.D. Images, Brunswick, OH. “We've saved over 15% with the TLMI credit card program, [and] the transition was seamless to our customers. It is one of the many benefits we've gotten since we joined TLMI.”

Thomas Dahbura, VP of Hub Labels, Hagerstown, MD, says, “The credit card program just works. It shouldn't be something that you need to manage, and this program is a TLMI program that delivers!”

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