DUNMORE Announces New Aerospace Division

BRISTOL, PA | DUNMORE Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of engineered films for nearly two dozen industries, announces DUNMORE Aerospace, a new division specializing in serving the aerospace industry. Art Mallett Jr., director, Global Aerospace, says, the new division's focus is to "provide solutions to our customers' materials challenges, which will be accomplished with DUNMORE's dedicated R&D staff."

According to the company, the new division has the advantage of having multiple manufacturing sites in the US and in Europe that can produce materials around the world. "Our company has multi-facility, duplicate manufacturing capabilities that address contingency planning for all materials supplied to aerospace manufacturers," Mallett says. “Also, DUNMORE Aerospace leverages the knowledge and industry relationships from more than 20 markets [we] serve to provide solutions to customers' unique material challenges. And the Aerospace Division services customers of all sizes, from educational and institutional up to the world's largest OEM manufacturers.”

Mallett also stresses that the legacy and core values of the company will extend into the new division, reiterating the company's mission: to satisfy customer requirements worldwide by delivering the highest quality technically engineered coated and laminated films. "While DUNMORE Aerospace will have a dedicated sales, technical, and customer service team, the corporation's administrative support system will continue to be in place.”

Marketing Communications manager Michael Sullivan says, “We've actually been involved with the Aerospace industry since the mid eighties. We began with space applications—our introduction to the aerospace industry began with a partnership with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory {JPL} to develop lightweight insulation for spacecraft. Our materials can currently be found throughout the solar system, from Solar Dynamics Observatory to Curiosity Rover and all the way to Pluto with New Horizons.

He continues, “The work we've done in the space sector continues to influence the organization today. Our reflective insulation, photovoltaic backsheets, and aircraft materials are all examples of "spinoff" technologies that started with developing materials for the space programs. The aircraft industry resembles the space industry closely because quality is paramount. Any nonconforming materials can lead to failure, so the industry is highly regulated and specification-driven. Our company is comfortable with this because of our partnerships with companies like JPL.”

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