• Volume of Orders | Half of all Flexible Packaging respondents experienced increased volume of orders in 2008 with only 36% anticipating a continued decrease in 2009. The majority of respondents in the remaining three segments anticipate the significant decreases of 2008 to continue through 2009. Paperboard Packaging is the most pessimistic, with 54% expecting decreases in 2009 compared to 46% reporting 2008 decreases.
  • Order Size | Order size declined most for Tapes, Labels & Tags in 2008, with 47% experiencing a decrease and only 12% reporting an increase. Conditions in 2009 are expected to continue. Flexible Packaging appeared healthiest in 2008 with 23% reporting increases and only 34% decreases; however, in 2009, 48% expect a decrease in order size.
  • Inquiry Activity | Only 25% of respondents in Paperboard Packaging experienced an increase in inquiry activity in 2008, compared to more than 40% for remaining segments. Paperboard Packaging jumps from 32% facing decreases in 2008 to 54% in 2009, and even Flexible Packaging rises from 11% feeling decreases to 27% anticipated in 2009.
  • Past Due Receivables | Only 26% of respondents in Flexible Packaging saw increased past due receivables in 2008 with 34% expecting increases in 2009. Paperboard Packaging saw the largest increases at 68% in 2008, with some improvement anticipated in 2009 at 57%. Unprinted Rolls & Sheets is at almost identical levels for both 2008 and 2009.

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