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Label/Tape RFID

Additional RFID Tag Production Capacity Added

RFID Boot Camp and Symposium

The TAPPI Boot Camp and RFID Symposium, to be held June 6-8, 2006, will explore the latest developments in RFID applications for the pulp, paper, packaging, and converting industries. The one-day boot camp is geared toward beginners to RFID.

IAnywhere Launches Exciting New RFID Programs

Avery Dennison RFID Unveils Broad New Gen 2 Inlay Portfolio

Real World RFID Portfolio Addresses Difficult Carton Contents, Orientation Issues, and Global Frequency Needs

RFID Suppliers by Category

RFID Suppliers by Category

IDtechEx Reveals Research on Active RFID

Brooks Indtroduces EPC-Capable RFID Reader

Alien Delivers RFID Solution with HP to Improve Manufacturing and Supply Chain Efficiency

Alien Technology launches a RFID solution with HP.

RFID Smart Labels USA Draws Near

2006 RFID What's News

Process Provides Case- and Item-Level Packaging Options

Using Texas Instruments' Tag-it EPC Gen 2 strap, Smurfit-Stone Container Corp. has developed a process for attaching Gen 2 straps to printed antennas directly on a corrugated box.

Jumpstart RFID Operations

RFID Related Links

RFID Related Links

RFID Suppliers

RFID label solutions provide a wide variety of adhesives and labelstocks. HighJump Software, a 3M company, offers a suite of RFID-enabled supply chain software.

2005 RFID What's News

2005 RFID What's News

2004 RFID What's News

2004 RFID What's News

2003 RFID What's News

2003 RFID What's News

Lutter to Address FDA's Efforts to Accelerate RFID Adoption

Randall Lutter will be the featured keynote speaker during day two of the 4th Annual RFID World.

Mastering RFID

This article analyzes existing ESD control standards and interprets them for RFID label converting. In addition, available static control methods in RFID converting are examined along with a case study for static control on an RFID tag insertion module for a narrow-web press.

RFID: The Next Generation

In this second of a three-part series, PFFC talks to the RFID industry’s leading players about the myths surrounding the technology, the reality, and how RFID implementation can affect your converting operation.

Mastering RFID, Part 2

This second of a two-part series covers development of an ESD protection program.

More of the 411 on RFID

The buzz around the RFID industry is still moving rapid as many gear up for the EPCglobal Gen 2 standard. Check out the hottest headlines in RFID in the past twelve months as PFFC presents its 2nd annual RFID review.

Brand Security & Authentication, Part 1

Self-adhesive laminates in brand protection: A converter's reference guide to solutions for anti-counterfeiting, tamper-evidence, and anti-theft protection.

Brand Security & Authentication, Part 2

Secure and cost-effective anti-counterfeiting solutions are being developed to foil the fakers.

RFID Primer

Whether it’s the issue of ROI, getting a handle on the still-evolving EPCglobal standards, or trying to understand the mandates from Wal-Mart, Target, and Dept. of Defense, there are a variety of concepts for converters to grasp in the ever-talked-about world of radio frequency identification (RFID).

3 Tips for Better RFID Label Printing

These three tips can help de-mystify RFID and assist in correct RFID implementation.

RFID: Emerging Policy Issues

In a previous article we outlined some of the issues surrounding the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) and electronic product code (EPC) technology for the converting industry. As we indicated, the primary concern surrounding the use of this technology involves privacy and security when personal information becomes associated with RFID tags. Privacy and security were the major focus of a workshop on RFID sponsored by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) last summer.

Glossary of RFID-Related Terms

A glossary of terms related to RFID technology.

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