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Power Paper and Graphic Solutions Offer an RFID System


TEL AVIV, ISRAEL AND BURR RIDGE, IL— Power Paper and Graphic Solutions have teamed up to produce the PowerID™ system, a turnkey RFID system that the companies claim improves the reliability of remote monitoring, processing, and transmitting of data. Designed to provide tools to comply with the recent RFID mandates , the system reportedly contains UHF-based, battery-assisted backscatter labels, readers, and system software that integrate into and compliment existing software. PowerID’s battery-assisted backscatter labels (also called semi-passive or semi-active) are said to combine the best features of active tags and passive backscatter labels, reading at distances of up to 20 meters.

The companies report the PowerID achieved 100% reading reliability at extended ranges in hostile RF environments, including metal containers filled with fragrance liquid, aluminum cartons, canned foods, and a variety of liquids, oils, and detergents. PowerID is also reported to be able to read labels set at angles and sandwiched between crates.

Power paper is a provider of printable microelectric devices. Contact them at powerpaper.com.

Graphic Solutions Intl. is a global ISO QS9000-Certified custom print house specializing in printed circulatory and RFID antennas. Contact them at graphic solutions.com.

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