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Schreiner ProTech to Host Webinar on Venting Solutions & Membranes for Proper Airflow in Electronic Components

Half-hour presentation to cover various aspects of adequate airflow, including solutions such as pressure compensation seals.

Schreiner ProTech, a Germany-based global leader in developing and manufacturing innovative functional labels with value-added benefits for the automotive and engineering-based industries, will offer a free live webinar providing in-depth insight into mission-critical airflow for electronic components. Suitable especially to professionals responsible for components development, management and quality control, Venting Solutions & Membranes – Airflow will be presented on October 26 at 10am Eastern Time. Those interested in attending can register here.

Delivered in digestible sections, the half-hour webinar will cover a number of vital topics pertaining to airflow. After setting guardrails around the topic by defining airflow and its importance to electronic components functionality, the discussion will segue into methods of determining a component’s specific airflow needs, as well as its correlation to pressure compensation. From there, various options for applying pressure compensation seals (PCS) will be explored, as will best practices for testing and reporting the results for transparent quality assurance.

The webinar will be presented by Adrian Marggraf, Product Manager PCS for Schreiner Protech, whose pressure compensation seals offer a variety of benefits including easy application, the ability to allow airflow while preventing moisture ingress, and customized design flexibility in terms of shapes, sizes, materials and adhesives.

For more information, visit www.schreiner-protech.com

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