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At SMTA High Reliability Cleaning & Conformal Coating Conference, IDENTCO to Give Presentation on Label Compatibility and Durability Issues

Company offers series of PCB labels with unique material compositions that protect against harsh chemical washes & high temperatures.

IDENTCO – a manufacturer of high-performance labeling solutions for the power equipment, electronics, transportation, and general industrial sector – will present the challenges associated with cleaning- and heat-related PCB label adhesion and legibility issues during the SMTA High Reliability Cleaning & Conformal Coating Conference (CCCC), which takes place in Dallas from August 29-31. Shahela Ali, Director of Global Marketing for IDENTCO, will present PCB Labels & Cleaning Agents: Critical Compatibility on August 30 at 3:00 p.m.

Despite frequently being overlooked, the ways in which labels and labeling components interact in cleaning and coating environments is crucial. In electronics manufacturing, the relationship between these two distinct disciplines is both symbiotic and fundamental. Printed circuit boards must be clean – and must also be clearly marked and reliably traceable.

Ms. Ali’s presentation will explore this mission-critical topic, including an overview of labeling materials best suited to withstand powerful cleaning agents and harsh SMT environments. It also will discuss the need for conformal coaters and cleaning agent providers to work more synergistically with labeling experts to collectively serve electronics customers.

IDENTCO was selected to present largely due to its prowess in this niche. At Booth #4, the company will showcase one of its latest series of labels for PCB applications, featuring a substrate developed exclusively for IDENTCO by a prominent industry materials and coating supplier. Called TT413, the labels easily withstand prolonged, repeated exposure to the chemicals and high temperatures typical to post-production washing processes. Helpfully, the series is designed for on-demand thermal transfer printing of variable information – a plus for electronics companies incorporating serialization and/or anti-counterfeiting coding into their production practices.

During her presentation, Ali will elaborate on the broad range of factors that commonly impact PCB labeling durability.

“PCB labels can experience any number of critical failures due to cleaning agents or high temperatures, from fading and flaking to smearing and even complete detachment or disappearance,” said Ali. “I look forward to discussing solutions to these pitfalls, including the importance of real-world scenario testing and equipping PCB labels with materials-science based endurance and protection.”

For more information, visit www.identco.com.

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