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Luminer Expands Extended Content Label Capacity & Capabilities Through Infrastructure Investment

Luminer has incorporated a new state-of-the-art ECL production line at its primary manufacturing facility in Lakewood, NJ. Highlighted by a custom engineered modular printing, converting, onserting servo platform, the new infrastructure further increases Luminer’s capacity, and yields additional benefits like faster throughput speeds and heightened booklet placement precision.

The investment allows Luminer to accommodate its growing extended content label business, providing a doubling of Luminer’s ECL manufacturing capacity. The new line’s exemplary production speeds foster both efficiency and cost-effectiveness, ROIs that Luminer will be able to pass on to customers.

The equipment also helps Luminer expand its overall ECL capabilities portfolio. For example, the equipment’s modernized onserting and movable print and die stations help broaden production flexibility, an important factor for executing the sort of complicated, even customized arrangements often utilized in clinical trials and other pharmaceutical product settings. The new line’s press can align preprinted cover webs in register with booklets and base webs, addressing another sector-specific need.

Factors surrounding the increasing need for extended content labels include:

  • Warnings and directives that comply with regulatory guidelines, not only in one country but often across multiple nations or trade regions, as the number of international customers on the ledgers of pharma companies, CMOs and contract packagers continues to climb.
  • Serialization and traceability requirements, again recognizing that different countries across a manufacturer’s customer base may have differing mandates.
  • Different languages, not only for international customers but also domestic ones.
  • Specific, detailed instructions. More prescription pharmaceuticals require strict adherence regimens, which in turn necessitate detailed printed instructions for doctors, pharmacists and end users. Relatedly, clinical trials often need tight control, another condition that lends itself to more labeling content rather than less.

“As the amount of information that must accompany pharmaceutical products continues to deepen – with new regulations, traceability mandates and multi-language printing becoming the norm – it’s important that pharma companies turn to true experts in extended content label manufacturing,” said Tom Spina, president & CEO of Luminer. “Our new ultra-modern ECL production line demonstrates our commitment to perpetually growing both our capacity and skill set in ECL production, which brings its own unique set of circumstances and challenges.”

For more information, visit www.luminer.com

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