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The RB Dwyer Group, Melville, NY, helped Barn Dad Innovation Nutrition, a div. of Angle Foods, launch its Ultra Fiber DX product with a shrink-sleeve label printed on an RDP Marathon IVCO (Infinitely Variable Cylinder Offset) web press. The print technology is said to provide gravure quality and zero cylinder costs. The 360-deg image area contains nutrition facts on the back, while the front graphic includes a brilliant metallic green. The PVC label is printed in eight colors with UV inks for sustainability. Kelly Halbrock, marketing manager of Angle Foods, says, “The shrink label not only enabled us to have a large enough image area to write all the important information related to the fiber but also allowed for a tamper-evident band that ensured freshness and security.” Visit www.therbdwyergroup.com.

RDP Marathon | www.rdpmarathon.com

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