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Touting Retort

Bemis, Oshkosh, WI, is expanding its retort flexible and rigid packaging program to support the growing transition to shelf-stable foods. Examples of its next-level retort materials include new self-venting technologies for microwave packaging; high-efficiency film with ultrasonic-compatible sealants; clear films that allow consumers to see the package contents; and easy-peel lidding structures with high-burst strength. Retort's sustainability advantages include sterilizing in less time than cans and the absence of Bisphenol-A, which is present in cans' epoxy-coated lining. Dan Bornemann, market manager at Bemis Flexible Packaging-Milprint Div., says, “Today you'll see foods, including entrees, side dishes, baby foods, and even soup, in shelf-stable flexible packaging. And because we expect more and more markets and applications to make the transition, we continue to invest in capabilities and technologies to support the growth.” Visit www.milprint.com.

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