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Parfait Perfection

Using an Infinitely Variable Cylinder Web Offset Press (IVCO) from RDP Marathon, The R.B. Dwyer Group, Anaheim, CA, is printing gravure-quality shrink labels for B.C. Bundt's “Walk-Away Parfaits” with zero cylinder costs. The full sleeve PVC labels are printed with UV ink in five to six colors. The sleeve covers the cap of the clear domed cup to ensure tamper-evidence and hold the mini fork to the single-serve cup. The sleeve is printed with an indication bar that says “Tear Here” so it can be removed easily from the container. The graphics reveal the mouth-watering flavors, and the clear area of the label allows the customer to see what's inside the cup. Visit www.therbdwyergroup.com.

RDP Marathon | www.rdpmarathon.com

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