Gerber Cutting System Is for Corrugated and Folding Cartons


TOLLAND, CT | Gerber Innovations reports the launch of the GERBERcutter GT3000 cutting system for the packaging industry. Designed to cut and crease corrugated materials ranging in thickness from micro-flute to double wall as well as folding carton materials, system is the newest addition to the company’s existing family of cutters that drill, rout, and cut a wide variety of materials.

The system is said to be reliable because it is engineered to use only those parts and components required to accomplish the job. Since the GT3000 was designed specifically for corrugated packaging and folding carton applications, it does not house unnecessary drills and routers designed for non-packaging materials and, therefore, accelerates faster and maneuvers swiftly.

A patented vision system enables the operator to quickly align printed materials for accurate cutting, and safety paddles halt the cutting beam immediately if it comes into contact with an operator.

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