Sun Chemical To Showcase Ink and Plate Technologies at SuperCorr Expo

PARSIPPANY, NJ | Corrugated printers that visit Sun Chemical’s Booth 2322 at SuperCorr Expo October 1-4 will learn how they can make a splash in the industry through water-based inks that maintain pH stability, HD plates that make packaging graphics pop, and plates that reduce carbon footprint.

“Printers in the corrugated market are always looking to differentiate themselves and their packaging,” said Tony Renzi, director of packaging ink. “Our ink and plate technologies provide customers with the distinguishing edge they are looking for, allowing them to create eye-catching and captivating packaging while keeping the values of sustainability and cost-efficiency top of mind.”

Water-based Inks Provide Reliable pH-stable Solution for Corrugated Printers

SunVisto Advantage line of water-based inks are specifically developed to be pH stable for corrugated printers who want a consistent press run without monitoring or adjusting pH levels. They offer consistent color strength, longer press runs without maintenance, and reduced plate washing during a press run.

Meant to provide quality and value for corrugated printing, SunVisto Hydroking PHS water-based inks are PH stable with excellent coverage and mileage. Formulated to match GCMI X color standards, the low-VOC inks meet the requirements of the Coalition of Northeastern Governors (CONEG) and provide consistent viscosity with excellent press stability.

SunGraphics High-Definition Plates Expand Corrugated Printing Options

By partnering with Sun Chemical SunGraphics, corrugated printers will have access to high-definition plate technology utilizing Esko HD software and CDI high resolution imaging to print with an image quality of up to 4,000 PPI, resulting in expanded tonal range and wider color gamut to produce sharper more vibrant images and colors.

Combining HD quality with flat-top dot plate technology produced with MacDermid Printing SolutionsLUX system and DuPont DigiCorr system increases capabilities by printing with 30%-60% less impression sensitivity compared to standard digital plates which allows for longer, cleaner, more consistent runs from beginning to end. The system sharpens images even further, takes smooth screen transitions to zero, reduces or eliminates hard edge highlight break, decreases dot gain and minimizes fluting—a common challenge with corrugated printing.

Sun Chemical HD plate technology is also available with MicroCell technology, which enables printers to texturize the surface of the plate to reduce pin-holing in solids, provide higher ink densities, while improving contrast in shadow areas.

Plates Solution Provides Sustainable Option for Corrugated Printers

Corrugated printers looking to integrate sustainable practices into their workflow can consider SunGraphics SunLite In-Position Plates. Shown to reduce a printer’s carbon footprint, these alternatives to conventional mounted plates are produced using up to 50% less photopolymer—eliminating solvents, VOCs, and PVC materials. Printers using the SunLite plates can take advantage of accurate color-to-color registration and improved safety in handling and durability due to a 70% lower weight than conventional plates.


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