Davis-Standard Acquires Circonix Technologies

With Circonix Technologies part of the fold, Davis-Standard looks forward to extending aftermarket services for existing installations

Zero-Max Adds Sizes to Coupling Line

Models SD025R and SC025R single- and double-disc couplings join the ServoClass line at Zero-Max

Winding Technology | Now Directly in the Drive

Simply setting parameters—rather than configuring and programming—is the essential advantage of a new standard “winder” application that can be directly integrated into today’s drive systems.

Danfoss Drives Perform Reliably, Efficiently

D-Frame VLT drives from Danfoss are said to reduce space required, reduce installation costs, and optimize energy efficiency

Kollmorgen Catalog Details Stepper Solutions

Brushless stepper motors and drives, said to provide cost-effective motion control, and on display in Kollmorgen’s new catalog

Amacoil Load Carrier Aids Drive Lifespan

A linear bearing slide load from Amacoil increases the efficiency and lifespan of Uhing traverse drives

Amacoil/Uhing Upgrades Large Traverse Drives

RG traverse drives from Amacoil/Uhing now have a 100-notch scale for pitch adjustment control, addling accuracy and precision

Siemens Expands Drive System

The Sinamics S120 drive system is expanded to include Profinet, Ethernet TCP/IP, and EtherNet/IP connectivity, bringing new flexibility

Amacoil Drive Nut Offers Backlash-Free Linear Motion

The Amacoil-Uhing Model RS4 drive nut allows users to change drive nut linear pitch without replacing shafts or adjusting controls

Drives Have New Option

RG3 linear drives now are available with an extra bearing option that doubles the axial thrust capacity of the drive unit without significantly increasing

Litzler Now CSIA Associate Member

CLEVELAND, OH | C.A. Litzler Co. Inc. has been accepted as an associate member to the Control System Integrators Assn. (CSIA). Litzler offers a line of

Smart Drives Work with PLC

Upgraded range of smart drives with HMS now is able to communicate with a PLC. Reported more open to communication standards, and communication interfaces

Option Card Offered

The VLT PROFINET MCA120 Option Card expands the Ethernet communication capabilities of the VLT Automation Drive to PROFINET-based networks. Card handles

Drives Retrofit: More Space, Less Power

Plans to expand slitting capacity at Applied Extrusion Technologies (AET) began last year with the upgrade of an aging 8-m-wide Atlas CW982 AP primary

Drive Can Reduce Pitch

The Kinemax linear drive features fast, easy pitch adjustment and automatic reversal without requiring clutches, cams, or gears. A 10:1 pitch adjustment

Drives Attack Distortion

VLT Low Harmonic Drives attack current distortion at the source by performing real-time analysis and actively imposing currents, as needed, to restore

Driving Speed

A30-year-old, 75-ft-long Black Clawson two-station extrusion laminator dominates the production floor at Amgraph Packaging. As customer requirements surpassed

Servomotors Ship Quickly

Company is offering a new service for its line of 1FK7 servomotors. Using a configurable options menu to build exactly the motor required, customers now

Servomotors Shorten Cycles

Company says additions to the 1FT7 line of high-performance servomotors result in shorter machine cycles due to higher dynamic response, gained through

Pulse Converter Offered

The APWM Series Pulse Control Converter is designed to mount directly to the input terminals on a 3-32 VDC input SSR (Solid State Relay). Converts a 4-20

Parkinson Joins Rockwell Network

WOONSOCKET, RI | Parkinson Technologies has joined the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork. As part of the Machine Builders segment of this network, Parkinson

Omron Launches Systems Integrator Partner Program

SCHAUMBURG, IL | Omron Electronics is launching OASIS (Omron Authorized Systems Integrator Solution), a service that introduces those with automation

How to Drive a Winding Roll

What is the best way to drive a winding roll? You have three choices: from the surface, from the center, or both.

Driving Performance

Mondi Packaging Heerlen (formerly Akrosil Europe) is a vibrant example of how change and the subsequent growth it can bring is critical to a company's

What's Driving Your Operation

Performance, safety, and user-friendly are just a few of the buzzwords coming up in conversations about today’s drive controls.

Tolerance = Tight

Retrofitting servo drives on its narrow web presses gives Discount Labels the ultimate in precision and control.

Embedded Control

Drives and controllers come together to meet user demands for high performance, greater flexibility, and cost-effective control.

Just Rolling Along

Optimize production rates and control costs with a rolling ring linear driver system.

Minimize Slip of AC Induction Motors

The AC induction motor often is referred to as the workhorse of the industry, but there are inherent limitations of the AC induction motor—no constant speed and no speed control.

Servo Savings

Ward/Kraft, a private, nationally known manufacturer of business forms, labels, and documents, also manufactures all its own machinery in-house. Five years ago, the company conducted a cost/benefit analysis comparing line-shafted and servo driven machines.