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Coating Matters

Coating Matters | The Fundamentals of Coating

If you are trying to create, coat, and solidify fluids, coating expert Mark Miller offers some fundamentals that you simply must know.

Bringing Theory into Focus

Academic understanding of the physics and fluid dynamics involved in coating technology is important, but there is no need to get stuck in mathematical equations.  Understanding the concepts in easy-to-visualize ideas makes learning, communicating, and solving coating issues simple and straight forward.  Let's put the theory of fluid flow into focus.

Coating Matters | Mixing Fundamentals

What happens in the fluid mixing room can have a profound effect on what gets coated onto the substrate

Theory versus Reality

Predictive tools in fluid coating technology. 

Coating Matters | It’s a Turbulent World

Mark Miller says his discussions explaining fluid coating technology vs. extrusion technology feel like excerpts from Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.

The Role of Energy in Coating

Energy plays a crucial role in the coating and curing of a fluid coated product.  Find out what to consider as you tackle a new product development in an existing facility.

Coating Matters | The ROI of IP

Creating value through patents—an investment in intellectual property should be handled with the same rigor as the purchase of capital property.

Coating Matters | Understanding Rheology

When you are forming a polymer product, you have to understand some basics of how the formation of the product is influenced by the chemistry of the polymer.

Coating Matters | Free Span Coating

Free span coating provides a coating arrangement that may help you in new product development.

The Scientific Approach to Coating

Apply the scientific method to the fluid coating process to reduce defects, improve quality, and increase the financial bottom line.

Coating Matters | Discrete Coating Techniques & Equipment

The demands of the current electronics and optics markets are requiring panel coating technology more than ever.

Coating Matters | Plumbing Basics in Coating Technology

How does being a good plumber help you become a great coating technology expert?

Mark's Coating Matters

Coating Matters... it really does! I had a disagreement with a colleague once about the value of fluid coating. He argued that coating is simply one of the steps in the converting process; no different than extruding the film or slitting the final roll of tape. I argued that a slice of film without glue can't add value to the final customer. How much adhesive you put on the substrate, what chemistry is in the adhesive, how the adhesive is applied to the film – this can change a simple film into anything from a road sign to a brightness enhancement film for a TV to a household box sealing tape.

Coating Matters | Battery Coating Technology

Battery manufacturers find efficiency improvements in the coating step.

Coating Matters | Suspensions, Dispersions, and Emulsions

What variables need to be considered when coating a fluid that isn’t simple?

Coating Matters | How To Choose a Coating Site

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Converters face a similar paradox when determining how to initiate a new product in the marketplace.

Coating Matters | Down-Web Uniformity

Sometimes there is a complex, multivariable solution to a coating defect and sometimes…

Coating Matters | How To Select a Fluid Coating Method

Choosing a fluid coating method for a specific product can be a daunting decision.

Coating Matters: How To Avoid Bubble Defects

Where do bubbles come from, and how can we avoid the defects they create?

What the Coating Bead Can Tell You

When a fluid is being coated out of a slot die, it can be positioned in a variety of ways. This ability to position the coating head is an inherent capability of the slot die because of the closed system mode of operation

Surface Energy Matchmaking

Typically, when you coat a fluid onto a substrate, the fluid flows to the limits of the coating head and provides a solid layer of fluid over the substrate.

Coating Matters: 4 Steps to Resolving Coating Defects

Every coating process engineer and equipment operator wants to know where to start when a coating problem surfaces with their product. So let's start

Coating Matters: Don't Blame Chatter on Coating Head

Let's talk chatter. Not just because it's cold outside, but because it is a common defect in the coating industry. What is chatter? For those who have

Coating Matters: Defects | Finding the Cause

In the world of coating equipment, the coating station is considered the heart of the beast. For better or worse, when the fluid comes in contact with

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