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Rolvac, LP Announces Purchase of New Metallizer

TopMet is a trademark of Applied Materials, Inc.

Rolvac, LP, a Connecticut-based independent metallizer and slitter of various films and substrates announced its purchase of a new Applied Materials TopMet™ 2450 HIRES metallizing system.  Rolvac, founded by Owner and Managing Partner Rolland Jones and celebrating its 20th year of business, will now have four metallizers adding capacity and flexibility to the company’s production.

“The addition of the new Applied TopMet 2450 system is a key step in the growth and expansion plan that we have put into place at Rolvac,” said Milan Moscaritolo, president.  “Rolvac has a long and successful relationship with Applied Materials and we value the leading technology, quality, efficiency and durability of its products.”

The TopMet 2450 system includes Applied Materials’ new patented technology to ensure industry leading barrier and productivity performance for ultra-high web speed metallizing on a variety of substrates including PET, BOPP, CPP and PE.

For more information, visit www.rolvac.com.

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