Multiplying Key Coex Layers Improves Properties

Innovative flat extrusion die systems allow multiplying key functional layers in cast film and sheet to improve properties without increasing either overall thickness or raw materials content. Microlayer technology is said to allow extrusion processors and converters to achieve increases in impact strength, elongation, oxygen and moisture barrier, and other properties. Potential applications range from industrial wraps to flexible barrier packaging. A layer multiplier flat die system is responsible for transforming a typical sandwich structure from a standard coextrusion feedblock into a structure in which one or more of the layers has been subdivided into multiple microlayers. Proliferation of layers creates synergistic effects that reduce oxygen ingress from 3x-5x in comparison with a conventional barrier coextrusion, without adding even a tiny increment in the amount of barrier resin used for a given volume of product, the company reports.

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