Evonik Cyro Offers Pre-Fab Lens Panels for CPV Modules


PARSIPPANY, NJ | Evonik Cyro is launching ACRYLITE solar pre-fab lens panels for Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) modules, reportedly saving customers tooling costs and manufacturing time.

Panels are combined with a Secondary Optical Element (SOE) to create a complete optical train package for assembly directly into Concentrated Photovoltaics modules. This allows customers to bypass purchasing the tooling device needed to create the product and avoid the required time-consuming installation process, company says.

The optical lens package utilizes Light Prescriptions Innovators (LPI) patented Fresnel-Köhler optical design. Lens panels serve as the Primary Optical Element (POE), which collects light over its entire area. This POE is coupled with an SOE, either Evonik’s SAVOSIL, or LPI’s glass SOE, which focuses light over a smaller area, homogenizing the light in order to maximize its usefulness to a solar cell.

Panels are said to provide excellent light transmission, high mechanical strength, and high resistance to weathering and UV light.

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